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Let me Begin By saying this is more of an exhibition challenge than a contest.
and Next I will say that there is not really a prize. but I might try offering my writing skills as compensation for everyone who joins.

Ok So here it is, I have done this before, Sorta, and now I am doing it again. I have no artistic talent when it comes to drawing painting, or digital art of any sorts, I can make edits of others works sure, but not anything original made by me.

So the idea of this contest is to pick a character from this list: Custom CharactersMy original 3 character rewritten, and some new ones being added.
Name: Jory Kaito
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Persona: Jory is Blunt, seemingly emotionless, though he is Kind as well. Jory Looks as though he might kill heartlessly, though personally he could never do so in cold blood. A mystery drives Jory to extremes, His undying thirst for knowledge leads him to trouble, though he Always manages to escape the situation.
Fears:Rodents, That time of the month!
Likes:Food, Family, Friends, Food, Swordplay, Ships, Food, Gambling, Fair deals, Food, Fishing, Mysteries, Puzzles
Dislikes:Lemon with his salmon. Most of what jory dislikes is dishonesty, rudeness, and Cruelty
Appearance: Jory has bluish black hair. His hair stands spiked up naturally. His eyes are a bright sea blue, and hold a serious tone. Jory is about 5'11", He is has a slick build with light muscle definition, and fair skin under a light brown tan. He has Magenta Eyes.
Apparel: Jory wears a light rope as a headband, knee length s

and draw the character they way you see them. wait I did that already. Oh well call me insane.
then After about 4 weeks of this running contest those who have entered will get votes by those here in the forum community. then after the community has decide the winner will be picked out YAY! and I will then offer my services as a writer to those who participated.

Simple enough I hope, so, BEGIN!
Bi3 by crow5derlock
Do not copy, do not modify, do not take, Original: 12/29/2014/2:27pm US-Central -6
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Name: Richard Grim Cadaver

Age: 23

Appearance: 5’8″ Athletic Slim, Fair Skin, Right Eye is normal and Bright Yellow in color, Left Eye is Pure black no white in sight. Medium length fair brown hair.

Clothes: White Dress shirts, Sometimes Golden brown. Golden Brown Vest, sometimes white. Golden brown Trousers, Sometimes White. black Dress shoes, Lightly worn.

Birth: 1829
Death: Death

Richard Was a Bright young lad before the incident. He Drew Pictures, excelled in his Schooling and even wrote stories of fiction about the fairy tales he heard growing up. Then One Day His Eye Went Black, He screamed and panicked as he could see just about everything. Doctors and Physicians couldn’t understand, Many said to cut they eye out, the first to try turned to ashes. on touch. about a week of panic and sleep passed then he grew quiet and was fairly normal again. His Life continued again as if nothing had happened. Though Sometimes He cries, He Claims to see the death of things. Un-Natural Deaths. People being killed, eaten, or even burning to death. He claims to see it all. Though He was just revered mad at those times. His schooling’s became Brilliant, He started teaching his teachers in Math and Science. His Teachers Were Astounded and Called him impossible. His little drawings became masterpiece Sketches. He was revered a genius. he grew up proper with slight episodes of screaming or crying. then it stops and he returns to normal nothing had happened.
Skills: Lock-picking, Mathematics, Pick-Pocketing, Haggling, Martial Arts, Fencing, Arguing, Persuasion, Sight of Death


Likes: Life, Children, Fun, Math, Science, The Unknown, Vibrant colors


Dislikes: Death, Sorrow, Pain, suffering, torture, peaches, Homo-arachnid



    Color: Gold

     Food: Lemon Parfait

    Memory: The Day His Father Returned from the grave.

    Game: Hopscotch

    Flower: Welsh Poppy

    Beverage: Chinese herbal tea

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